Daniel Schulze / bitsbeauty


Daniel Schulze is a Media Artist and Diplom Industrial Designer with a focus on interaction and experience. Within the limits of design, art and technology his work examines the aesthetic potential of interaction and movement.

Daniel's research looks at the idea that sight is the most important sense and he subsequently focuses on the beauty of the unseen. His artistic approach is inspired by the area at which the visible merges with the invisible and this is done by focusing on our environment or amplifying the normally not perceptible.

On that journey, technology, whilst in harmony with the impact of other factors, plays a large role as an encouraging component for that experience. In combining science, art and technology his work attempts to create intrigue, curiosity and a sense of wonder.

As designer, concepter or media artist he worked alone and in teams in different projects for national and international clients. In these works he acted as a team member as well as project manager with only contact to the client. Amongst others for Deutsche Telekom, BMW Mini, Goethe Institut, Liganova and rAndom International. In 2009 he founded the bitsbeauty studio with the aim to create an artistic, creative platform for diverse design cooperations. On that platform pro-creative collaborations generated commercial contract works, as well as free, artistic projects.

Daniel Schulze was born in 1981 in Germany, and lives and works in Berlin. His work has been presented in group shows in USA, Japan and Europe. He has been awarded a variety of different art prizes and has worked as a freelancer in Berlin, London and Barcelona. Besides his freelance work he served as a guest lecturer and creative assistant in different universities in Germany and in Switzerland.

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